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a corrupted greek word (Kyklos, meaning circle) that is synonymous with hatred and stupidity in the USA, especially in the south. The membership is frighteningly wide and all too well represented by doctors, lawyers, police officers, all kinds of lay people, THE CLERGY for fuck's sakes, the list goes on...
Basically a bunch of the blackheartedest, and most stupid world beating dumbasses to disgrace a quarter of the human population...
The Ku Klux Klan is a bunch of fucktards in white bedsheets, with a wide membership.
by J. Michael Reiter September 15, 2004

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a precision tool with which the skillful ones can make the music this city is built on.
Jimi Hendrix is a guitar GOD.
by J. Michael Reiter January 02, 2005

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A weapon from days gone by that has yet to be equalled for its sheer simplicity and elegance; A thing that at its simplest is a long knife with different rules and expectations as well as some different techniques from standard knife fighting. Also this is a weapon that inspires fear and devotion.
Just ask all the Kendoka and Martial Artists; Check out Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. Oh, Yes; Note that the scimitar , a sword originating in the Middle East, was one that was wielded by the Saracens(Ancestors to the present day's population) and wielded "blade to the wind", the right way, to be true...

ii) In the parlance of today, however, a sword is merely an erect penis, as a nod to freudian psychoanalytic theory...
The ancient Persians had a disconcerting habit of scaring their adversaries by standing in ranks on the battlefield and holding their sword in the air and allowing the wind to be cut as it blew throug their ranks... This sort of thing was what originated the modern day military's honor guard's drill command and movement known as "blades to the wind".
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004

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Burberry is the maker of a fabulous double breasted trench coat that comes in Blue, Navy Blue, Black, and of course, Beige!
They tend to found in the hands of the world's miscreants: see the entries under
pikies, townies] and neds].
What makes Burberry far out is that they are also found on the backs or at least in the closets of the world's beautiful to MOST BEAUTIFUL women who know precisely how to wear their Burberry Treasure...
Women who own a Burberry double breasted trench coat in any colour they come in, wears them thusly; with the arms in the correct corresponding sleeves, with the buttons correctly fastened and the collar open or closed and turned up as befits the clemency of the weather;
The belt is also in use: buckled tightly to show the world her queenly 39.5x22x36 in. measurements with... Oh, Yes; Lynda Carter, when she was still making Wonder Woman, should have had one of these for when she had to appear as WW's Alter Ego Diana Prince instead of that tepid looking knockoff she actually did wear...
by J. Michael Reiter December 26, 2004

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Largely Wasted space and a wasted Magneto Optical disk, ie, a CD.

Good for coasters, christmas tree ornaments or destroying in your Microwave...
Got an AOL disk? Good. I need more for my collection...
by J. Michael Reiter May 19, 2005

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a group of violent killers that work for the US federal government.
Call in the Marines!!!!
by J. Michael Reiter April 06, 2005

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1. a tasty, TASTY treat made with a Banana, ice cream, chocolate, caramel and strawberry toppings or something like them in some semblance of that order, with whipped cream, nut sprinkles, in a special Vessel called a Banana Boat. Made for eating on hot days in summer, or when the consumer feels crappy and needs victuals for oroesopha-Gastrointestinal comforting...

2. When pluralised, and preceded by the specific 'The', as The Banana Splits,
is a children's cartoon, that defies that description, given the content and the time (Late sixties vintage) that it was made...
tra la la, tra la la, tra la la!
Tra la la, tra la la, tra la la...
one banana, two banana....
You get the rest.
by J. Michael Reiter May 06, 2005

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