27 definitions by Douglas Young

On one end of the spectrum you have Hole with Courtney Love, on the other end there's The Breeders with Kim Deal. Rock on, Kim.
Kim Deal is a hot rock-goddess. The Breeders & The Amps rock way more than that shitty band Hole.
by Douglas Young October 26, 2007
A common Freudian slip through the fingers during a chat session, usually made when one is thinking about sex.
Lucy: See you at 8.
Dave: You go tit.
Lucy: ...what?
Dave: Err, you goat tit.
Lucy: ...WHAT??
by Douglas Young December 24, 2007
Played in the subways, railing is when you bolt down the train tracks right after a train has left the station, all the way down to the next station. The objective, of course, is to make it to the next one alive. The traditional round is played directly after the last passenger train has left, which is trailed then by the midnight express.
I hate railing in Russia, too many cables along the tracks; you're bound to trip cost you the game!
by Douglas Young January 26, 2008
a curse word i made up that is surprisingly effective and adequate, you are free to spread it as you please. it means nothing, really. perhaps they are the balls of a god.
by Douglas Young August 2, 2008
Noticeably relying heavily on style rather than effectiveness.
The Matrix sequels liked to overstylize while they tried to distract you from the shitty plot.
by Douglas Young January 7, 2008
Someone who always has to be prodded to hang out, and never initiates the act of inviting others to hang out with them.
Guy 1: Hey, can I ask you something?
Guy 2: Sure.
Guy 1: Why are you such a proddy?
Guy 2: A what?
Guy 1: Why do I have to ask you to hang out all the time, why don't you ask me ever?
Guy 2: Gee... I dunno, I never thought about it.
Guy 1: Do you LIKE hanging out with me?
Guy 2: Yeah! Of course!
by Douglas Young September 10, 2007
An individual who is so bad and awkward at conversing that the only logical explanation is that their mind is focused on the fresh dead bodies they've got in their basement. They're thinking about:
- How many they've got
- If anyone knows
- If you know
- If you'd be a good addition to it
- About how much jail time they'd be sentenced to if they were ever caught
Greg: So you cut down trees? Ever have any accidents?
Basement Talker: Yes, many.
(Awkward pause)
Greg's Mind: (Shit, a basement talker. I'd better leave this conversation)
Greg: I have to, um, leave.
Basement Talker: Yes. Leave.
by Douglas Young February 8, 2008