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To get your swerve on means you want to get into doing or enjoying something like going out for a good time.

Come on, I feel like getting my swerve on and doing some partying.
by sevenhn January 05, 2006
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my son uses this to let me know what he is up to, I'm going to the bar to get my "swerve on"
Don't know when i'll be back, going to a party to get my "swerve on" and find some bitches.
by mwn560 December 08, 2009
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The act of being intoxicated or otherwise inebriated to the point of being pirate faced making the individual unable to drive or walk in a straight line.

Driving while not focusing on the road and swerving around
Past Tense
Damn I can't believe Lil Mike got a dewey last night. I guess he got his swerve on after he left the bar.
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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A thick female with curves in all the right places, who knows how to work them...

As used by the brand 'Curvation'
"Damn.... shorty got her swerve on!"
"Girl, get your swerve on & rock that dress!"
by Bubble Monkey April 23, 2013
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