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When someone avoids conversation with you deliberately cause either you or them are a cunt
1 = "Hi"
2 = (*walks bye with dirty look*)
3 = ooo you jus got swerved
by Lowtonloserwitallslanglayd January 27, 2016
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To swerve someone is to reject their advances on you.
Ryan just swerved Angela when she was trying to get up all on her by telling her off.
by cZ Alpha November 27, 2017
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in relation to served, in a dance competition, sWerved relates to getting your ass handed to you, when you have no comeback to say.
you suckas got sWerved!
by JRS May 08, 2004
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1. Failure to maintain lanes

2. Detour

3. Change of subject.

4. Distraction.

5. Losing your focus.

6. Keeping a low profile.

7. Choosing an alternate route

8. A comment coming out of nowhere.

9. Deer in the road or roadkill

10. When youre fucked up because you cant act straight
Guy: Damn baby I missed your fine ass.....

Girl: do you have my child support?

Guy: and on that note, swerved.


Guy: whoa! Did you see that! I bout swerved! We almost just died!

Guy2: Dude. We been parked at a stop sign for the last 5 minutes.
by RicolaCoughDrops June 08, 2018
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