move bitch get out the way
im doin a hundred on the highway
so if you do the speed limit get the fuck out of my way
by :| October 19, 2003
A term used to warn fools to leave the premise due to one's strapped nature.
Cop: Why are all you and the rest of these hoes standing outside the club.

Hoe 1: Because these two guys were gettin into it, and one of them yelled "Get out my way pimping" so we cleared the floor..

Cop: Ok I'll radio for backup..

Hoe 2: Hellz chea.. lock up that fool
by baskin robbin April 4, 2007
When someone's being an idiot and blocking you from getting somewhere.
*Person walking in front of you suddenly stops.*
You: Get out of my way!
by Popular Starfish February 21, 2016
Doing something you wish you didn't have to, or are otherwise obligated to do, in order to make life easier.
The mall is a nightmare at Christmastime, I'm Getting It Out Of The Way this November.
by Pseudonym789987 December 4, 2020
Immediately remove something unwanted

Remove with urgency anything undesirable
If a tree falls in the middle of the road ...
"Get this crap out the way!"
by FromLA-LowerAkron October 21, 2016
It is when a person is blocking their own progress; They cheat themselves with regards to success; They stopped using their intellect and make unwise decisions.
Tim could have been the owner of his own company, but his bad attitude towards the lender stopped him receiving the loan, get out of your own way, they stopped using their intellect and made an unwise decision
by pastorjj June 10, 2021
The duty of a male when the girl he likes decides to date a man of lesser qualities / virtues / value
"She evidently likes the douche with the receding hairline...It's time to get-out-of-the-way-and-let-her-fuck-the-construction-worker."
by Wallace Carlos September 22, 2009