Swerving and weaving down the road to get through traffic. Also known as driving like a jack ass because where u need to go is obviously more important than where anyone else needs to get to.
He was swerving down the road trying to get to work on time.
by Momma VRose March 27, 2013
Swerving work today so I can go and get drrunk...!
by Russo86 May 3, 2011
Swerving is a thing that limelight’s like to do. Limelights are fans of the band Why Don’t We. People swerve because limelights have their lane (their crush in The band) and they may swerve to another member.
Person1: did you see that hot picture of Daniel Seavey?
by rachaelr August 22, 2018
This is a type of dance were you move your arms back and forth or in and out.
Dillion was swerving to the song.
by unknownpersonsomewhere February 7, 2014
An extremely beautiful woman. Derived from the metaphor that if she were a car she would be swerving because you or any other man for that matter would BEAT THE BRAKES OFF OF THAT @$$!
by The Dick-tionary May 4, 2010
When you go up to a girl for example in a drive-thru and tell her one of your friends said he'd give you 10 dollars if she kisses you, then as she goes in for the kiss you swerve away flipping your hair (if you have any) and giving her a nice view of the side of your head.
Yo I was swerving yesterday and kissed Delia at Bojangles

I swerved those dumb blondes man
by Malcom Merlyn September 20, 2020
Swerving is a way of acting without cause, driving outside the lines not only on the Beltway but in all aspects of life.
He's been eating a lot of fast food lately.
"Yeah, he's really been swerving"
by JamesDintrone February 22, 2016