an expression in similarity to "sweet", but more chill

this word came about c. 2015 by a man named Robbie Kates
"I hooked up with this really hot girl yo!"
by robbiekates December 5, 2016
that good quality weed thats super expensive
man i cant wait to 4th of july. im gonna smoke that sweed
by UberWuber May 30, 2015
an overly large head upon ones shoulders
have you seen the sweed on that jimmy hill, I'll bet his mother needed more than stitches after squeezin that out
by forenzic September 14, 2004
I was driving home from work and looked across the street toward the Krispy Kreme and first in line was a sweed!! I said, "A sweed!"
by Kingpen August 24, 2006
something pertaining to marijuana that is sweet.
guy 1: yo man i just got an ounce of hawaiian kush online for 50 bucks. we smoked 73 blunts.... SO high
guy 2: dude that is so sweed!
guy 3: yeah? well i got 50 ounces for 50 bucks... BITCH
by c@rL0z October 28, 2010
when being high, you mean to say "smoke weed" but accidently say the two together getting Sweed
Man I love to sweed!!!
by Ashis April 21, 2011