A kid in a game who tries way too hard that later, everyone starts to hate. You never want to become this kid.
Dude, Seth, your so sweaty. Please for the love of god stop it now!
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by Russian Rocket July 27, 2017
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Sweaty is a term used by 'townies' in a fatal attempt to insalt those of a allternative nature. They see some one walking down the street minding their own buisness wearing baggy jeans and a huddy and all of a sudden they smell and don't wash (even though they showerd before leaving the house!) Sorry guy's but I seriously think that you need to think of a new insalt.
by Abi November 19, 2004
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Cockney rhyming slang for Scottish person. Sweaty sock - jock.
"Morning Mish Moneypenny. Looking shuper today," said the Sweaty.

"Feel the shtag."
by The Strut September 30, 2004
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The grammatically incorrect way uneducated jocks refer to somebody (typically their significant other) when they are referring to them as "sweetie".
"Happy two month anniversary, sweaty!"
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by jonahraleigh April 30, 2017
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Usually a fatty who shows a lot of cleavage, they give up the dome for the slightest compliment I.E. your cute, sexy, look good etc...since they like to eat a lot, 9 times out of 10 they swallow, and if they don't ,throw in a cheeseburger and watch the magic occur. they can be seen walking to the nearest fast food restaurant or on the party line trying to get picked up...but beware if you do your back WILL GO OUT!!!
hey check that sweaty out, i bet she swallows!

boy: hey whats up cutie, how are you?
sweaty: hi im fine and you?
boy: lets go back to my place
sweaty: sure! im hungry!
by eazymuthaphukkinE187 June 17, 2009
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another name for a mosher or skater or some one who listens to different music than chavs, this saying is used alot in my home town Newport south wales and is used against someone who listens to heavy metal, rock, punk or anthing thats not R&B or hiphop. or if they see some one in baggy clothes and black tops, or with bands on e.g. iron maiden etc. you are refured to as a sweaty.
kid walks down the street in skater/baggy clothes

chav: F'in sweaty
skater: says nothing
chav f you e'n

by sweaty king June 05, 2007
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Sweaty is the hot new discriptive. It can be used as a surrogate for any word that would otherwise hint to any type of awesomeness/badness/attitude.

Zach: "man, Check out my new shoes with futuristic power laces!"

Reggie: "Sweet nuggets! those are sweaty as F*&K!"
by RoosterFromage August 01, 2008
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