not an urban word, really, but slang nonetheless:
a term from east kentucky:
verb. to party hard. to do things "that you wouldn't do in your own county."
come on over to my house, and we'll swarp it up.

they used to do some swarping, back in those days.
by argarg1987 October 10, 2011
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A kind of brash, sudden movement -- typically with a body limb or a motor vehicle -- combining forward motion and angular inertia.
Next thing I know, Cletus had swarped that TransAm clear across the driveway and into the ditch.
by bpx May 5, 2006
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to forcefully, yet as politely as possible, take that which is not yours from whomever you are addressing. mostly referring to a nice cold drink. commonly used when referring to someone as "mother".
"let me swarp that beverage from ya mother."
by notyalk March 17, 2006
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Usually done in the fall. You and your family or friends, or by yourself if you're that desperate, take a ride in a small truck or jeep, leaving at around dusk. The whole intent of swarping is to see a Buck (male deer). The first person to see this creature is immune from buying the end treat, continue this until only one person is left to buy the end treat. Swarping is not only about searching for a Buck, generally you take the backroads, the boonies, "grandpa's shortcuts". Essentially getting lost. Swarping is a bonding experience, enjoyable for all ages.
The end treat is usually Icecream.

The act of swarping is usually done by Appalachian Americans, rednecks, southern folk.
Grandpa can we go swarping? it's good weather and theres bound to be lots of deer!

Yeah, we were swarping when my tires got stuck in the mud, but all that hard work of getting them out payed off with that delicious McDonalds $1 ice cream!
by KingLemon November 17, 2010
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SWARPING (AROUND): This described a man who was NOT henpecked. It meant that he went out drinking, and chasing women.
Grandma Cartie use to say this about some of her sons-in-law, "He's out swarping around again"
by Bernie Sloan June 22, 2007
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Cool, hot, mint, awesome it is a filler word for describing something you like
Yo those kicks are swarp.

I just picked up this new whip it's swarp.
by Lord ButtHurt February 12, 2015
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