Crazy thieving bastards, the Dutch steal everyones music and then keep it on their 600GB RAID clusters, rebroadcast it to their mile long MSN lists, and have over 1000 live sets and about half as many live videos of hard dance festivals. If you ever need a game or piece of software cracked, go see the Dutch. They will have what you need.

The End.
"Hey, Matti, I need Doom 3, and its May 2004"
"Ok here is the crack, a link to a 100mbit mirror, and the screenshots of the expansion pack planned for next year."
"Thanks, wanna do a file swap?"
"Like you have anything that I haven't got."
by Lucificifus March 31, 2005
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Wildebeest either of two large African antelopes (Connochaetes gnou and C. taurinus) with a head like that of an ox, short mane, long tail,…
I was malled by The Dutch on my safari!
by robb0224 November 15, 2017
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A man with a plan.
Arthur: I'm not sure Dutch

Dutch: you need FAITH son, I have a PLAN!
by Micah bell January 18, 2019
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The act of getting tricked by a particular event. Commonly used as a handball term
"Surely I can't get out because the ball hit the crack" "Nah man you're out you got dutched"
by Dutchy448 June 5, 2017
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Not to be confused with the similar word Dutch (the nationality of The Netherlands).

British/Irish slang referring to the method by which the cost of something is shared amongst present parties, or "splitting a bill".

Person 1: "I'll pay for the tab."

Person 2: "Nonsense, I shall."

Person 3: "Should we go dutch?"

Person 4: "Good idea!"
by Laurie Cathal November 20, 2020
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Slang term for a joint, or a blunt.
"I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch!"
by Zenhachirou May 3, 2003
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adverb. to "go dutch" on a date or dinner means that you and your date split the expense, or each pay for your own ticket, etc. this is a more modern way to date, as opposed to the more traditional "man pays for you" approach
by meg May 5, 2003
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