Swaffeling is the way to drive the woman (or if you prefer man, such as some dubious characters) of your dreams to new unprecedented heights and fabulous moments of pleasure. Only men can practice this erotic expression (women also, provided that they are in the possession of sex toys).

The swaffel stands or falls with an important factor. The swaffeller must be in the possession of a so-called top-heavy penis. This means that the penis must not be fully stiffened, though it mustn't be soft either. Top-heavy is a state in which the penis hangs approximately horizontally, and it in which is possible to swing with the penis. Then, take the object to be swaffeled (by preference women's bottom, leg or breast) and slap it gently. Do not hit too hard to prevent bruises and broken bones.

Adam and Eve appear to have done it, the Romans enjoyed it very much on their 40 years lasting journey through the desert, the Jews enjoyed it...
And then in the early middle ages, the noble art of swaffeling was lost. Many feared that the swaffel phenomenon had been taken away forever from mankind, however, on a booze-holiday in Blanes a group of youngsters rediscovered swaffeling, and even perfected it!
Hebbben we weer lekker zitten swaffelen.
To be swaffeled.
To swaffel.
I swaffel, you swaffel, we swaffel.
by Jan-Frans den Swaffelaer March 12, 2007
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To slam ones dick - often repeatedly - against the Taj Mahal.
The dutch student was suspended after posting a video of him swaffelen. the infamy made swaffelen the word of the year in 2008 in both the Netherlands and Belgium.
by PB&J112915 February 28, 2017
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To slap your penis against any object, usually your partners face
My g/f really loves it when i swaffelen her
by steroy jenkins March 11, 2009
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a NYC reinvention of the dutch word used to describe the act of leaning forward, when a subway passenger is seated directly in front of you, so that your crotch is directly in their face.
"Don't swaffelen me, there's plenty of room on the train!" LiLi shouted at the creepy man standing in front of her.

Sitting on the train, the sudden jolt of the subway caused the man to fall forward, temporarily swaffelening poor Rose.
by lilajane November 18, 2011
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