The best word on urban dictionary within the lengthspan of 365 days
The word of the year is still unknown
by That one crazy kid December 10, 2006
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a word that sums up the year in general, which compiles your mood, the state of the world and everybody in it.
such a word is so great it cannot be uttered by those of weak spirit it may cause them to faint from hearing a word so incredible.
the word of the year is of course: cunt.
by cuntface. December 22, 2006
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well known words in fad through out the years were... *drumroll*

2004: knob


2006: emo

other words might either b too lame or too old skool for word of the year
back in '04, everyone used the word "KNOB!" it was word of the year

{back in '04} "Man! Dylan is such a knob!"

{today in '06}"Man! Dylan is such an emo!"
by sebastoin pequot November 24, 2006
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Urban Word of the Year

It is the new Urban Word of the year and gets voted by thousands of no-lifers or people that just happen to stop by for it's voting process.

The UWofY will hang around until the next year passes.

People usually go crazy and vote their own made up words so they can feel important
Vote this word for Urban Word of the Year!
by Elywabbit November 2, 2010
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