Swack is basically another word for fuck. This word originated in San Diego, where lots of guys use it.
GUY 1: Look at that ass over there, would you SWACK?
GUY 2: I'd mos def SWACK that.
by Matt December 28, 2005
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1.) To bang the sh!t out of

2.) To copy of someone's swag
1.) Imma swack you all night, baby.

2.) Bobby likes to swack on Jay pretty much every day of his life. He even has the same shoes and repeats the same jokes to girls when he's drunk.
by $moak$takk November 11, 2011
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You need to take a shower.
Yeah, I just got back from running.
I can tell. You smell like swack.
by Sci-Fi-Freak_2099 November 4, 2016
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To drain a jumpshot in basketball, especially one from behind the three-point arc.
If it wasn't for Jimmer's swackin threes all night, BYU would have been blown out in the first half.
by Da_REAL_21 April 3, 2011
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Billy walked into the locker room and said, "gross. It smells like swack in here."
by G. Secks May 29, 2012
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