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A homosexual friend who is also your bro.
Ryan: Mike is sooooo gay, man.

Alex: I don't give a fuck man, that kid is my bromo!
by $moak$takk November 11, 2011

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1.) To bang the sh!t out of

2.) To copy of someone's swag
1.) Imma swack you all night, baby.

2.) Bobby likes to swack on Jay pretty much every day of his life. He even has the same shoes and repeats the same jokes to girls when he's drunk.
by $moak$takk November 11, 2011

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A young white male between the ages of twelve and thirty that seems to be color blind, hence believing himself to be black and making an a-hole of himself. Often selects a single black or hispanic male, or group of black or hispanic males, who he then follows around, swacks off of, and otherwise annoys the crap out of.
Larry: why does Henry keep swacking on Jose and Juan? He's white!

Paul: I know. it's because he's a Fagaquaneesha.
by $moak$takk November 11, 2011

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Lotion most commonly used for masterbating. You know you're a thirteen-year-old loser when you have a desk drawer filled with a bottle of jergens and a box of tissues, on said desk is a computer with favorited links to free porn sites, and beside said desk is a trash bin that you emptied three days ago but is already half filled with messy crumpled up tissues and suffocating sperm cells.
Guy 1 : Max is a loser. Just take a look at his desk.

Guy 2 : Ew! Is that white stuff a spot of Jergens he spilled, or...?

Guy 1 : The world will never know.
by $moak$takk November 25, 2011

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