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Intrusive 24-page survey that Americans will be required by the Census Bureau to fill out every year. It asks questions such as how many bathrooms you have in your house and how many miles you travel to work.

It's mandatory and you can be fined $100 per question for not answering.
When I received my American Community Survey, I crumpled it up and threw it away.
by shadowhawk September 27, 2004
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A machine consisting of a CPU, mainboard, hard drive, optical drives such as DVD and CD, sometimes floppy drive, monitor, video card, sound card, speakers, keyboard and mouse and lots of other shit.

At one time used for scientific research, they evolved into office machines for writing documents and organizing information. Computers are most often used for Internet access and to chat online with friends, and play games like Unreal Tournament, Grand Theft Auto, Doom, Quake, Descent and others.
My computer runs WinXP. It doesn't crash as much as it did with Win98.
by shadowhawk April 25, 2004
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Mozilla's answer to Internet Explorer. Firefox includes popup blocking, tabbed browsing, extensions, a download manager, and is much more secure than Internet Explorer, because it doesn't use ActiveX or active scripting.

Firefox supports virtually all the plugins IE does, such as Flash, Java, RealPlayer, etc. You just click on where it says "download this plugin now" and it'll be installed automatically.
When I was a newb, I used Internet Explorer, but now that I know more about how the Internet and computers work, I've switched to Firefox for good.
by shadowhawk July 10, 2004
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A world wide network of computers all linked together over the TCP/IP protocol. The Internet allows people to communicate in real time from different continents. Someone in South America can have an online chat with someone in Russia.

All manner of news and information can be accessed through search engines such as Google. All the major news outlets have websites that have free or subscription access to news.

You usually use the Internet via the World Wide Web. You use a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to look things up.

The Internet is not without its problems. Viruses and spyware abound and can major mess up your computer if it becomes infested with them. You need a firewall and antivirus program for safety.
I can look up stuff on the Internet using Google.
by shadowhawk September 16, 2004
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Terri Schiavo has been in a coma for 15 years following a heart attack that cut off oxygen to her brain. Her husband, Michael wants her feeding tube removed so he can collect insurance money. Her parents are trying to keep her alive. The federal government is intervening to try and save her since the state courts repeatedly rule to kill her.
What they're doing is murder. She left no written will, so no one knows what she wanted. We have laws that protect animals from being starved and dehydrated to death, but it's OK to do it to a disabled human. What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?
by shadowhawk March 24, 2005
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I'm gonna drive my rag top with the roof down so I can feel the wind in my hair.
by shadowhawk March 10, 2004
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this is a term used in exchange with condoms. The whole taste the rainbow thing can definitly apply here as they come in so many colors AND flavors these days
I have a box of skittles under my bed
by shadowhawk September 2, 2004
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