The term used by fucktards when referring to a Gallup Poll.
(Board room PowerPoint screen 10'x10')
Each slide entitled Gallop Survey presented by someone quite higher in rank than yourself so you sall not point out the error.

(Presenter) "Today we will discuss the Gallop Survey"....
One co-worker to another) Since when do we get results from horses moving at an accelerated pace?!?! I thought we were going to talk about Gallup Polls.
by ThaDuke April 1, 2010
Survey that reveals the painfully obvious.
Social media revealed to increase anxiety according to no shit survey
by Blues Driver September 19, 2020
A line in Wu-Tang Clan's "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin to F' Wit"
Person 1: "Survey Says?"

by West56 August 22, 2018
a test which determines whether or not somebody has a chode. process includes dipping chode in acid beaker and chode-juice tasting. Very few people have been proven to have authentic chodes, and choderyite (similar 2 pyrite in gold) is a common case in people who wish they had chodes.
Do you know the results of Jacob's chode survey? Ya, they r +
by chpsadadad January 9, 2009
A study that collects data from a sample to learn about the population from which the sample was selected.
A recent sample survey asked the following question: How long have you been a customer?
by 3d5jllppgaydunerboogers December 5, 2021