A Noun. A unknown phrase created by Outkast in the 1990's that only Daniel Baraldi, Joey Dennis, and Little Shawn Ayers know.
Jamie and Emily love to sukie with Shawn
by Fiznald June 23, 2009
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Sukie is a slang term to tell someone to "suck it". When you say Sukie you make the same motion towards your crotch as you would when you tell someone to "suck it". A comeback to someone who says Sukie to you is to say "If you are pointing there and saying Sukie, you might have a problem". Particularly if you are a girl because people sometimes mistake the word Sukie for "Sushi" like my brother did.
Jack: "Hey Sierra, those jeans make your ass look fat!"
Sierra: "You know what jack, SUKIE!"
Jack: "Sierra, if you are motioning to your crotch and saying Sukie, you should probaly clean it better".
by LucidNightmare July 21, 2010
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