a far superior form of the term shut up. it refers to the fact that youve got to shut the fuck up and die!
"shut you, mother cock sucking, beastiality lover!"
by mother bicth April 26, 2004
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if said fast enough the would gayass sounds like gas and can be gotten away with when saying to people
man shut yo gayass up
by Eric Taylor November 02, 2004
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While breaking the legs of a business associate, Two-tonne Tony was begged to reconsider his actions, to which he replied "You shut uppa you face."
by SuperMuggins October 12, 2006
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It means it’s time for you to shut the hell up you fucking brick
Jim: hahahahahahsksksksksksk I took your ps controller hahahahhadkskskkskksk

by I hate bricks August 27, 2019
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now-a-days less is more. "shut the fuck you" puts together "shut the fuck up" and "fuck you" in a practical, easy way that you can use anywhere, especially high class joints, and can save you some valuable time.
"blablabla, and blablabla, also blabla blabbedebla. you should do/be this and that and they should blabbeblabla"

"yo, SHUT THE FUCK YOU!, you fuckedhead"
by FLo_ August 13, 2007
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A quick response from a person being told to shut up.
POSEUR : "Yo yo yo yo you suck motherfucker!"
ME : "What?"
POSEUR : "Why do you wear army clothes anyway are you a faggot?"
ME : "Shut up!"
POSEUR : "You shut up!"
by Dave January 06, 2005
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What Joe Biden said to Donald Trump during the first presidential debate of 2020. This has gotten tons of media attention as many people see Trump as a giant manbaby.
Trump: The economy blah blah blah the stocks waaaaah! WHY DU I NEVUR GAT WUT I WAANT? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Biden: will you shut up man
by TROLLKING9001 September 30, 2020
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