In Japanese, "suki" can mean several things, but it is most commonly used as the word "like."
Sometimes it can be used as slang for the word "love" as well, since in Japanese, "daisuki" means "to like a lot."
So, If you "daisuki" something that means you like it a lot.

Japan has a lot of slang for their phrases (as do most languages), so people who slang their words, or who don't like long sentences/words don't bother to say "daisuki" would just say "suki."

Also, "suki suki" almost seems like the "cute way" to say you like something!

AND, it is NOT a blowjob; spell it RIGHT - it's SUCKY SUCKY, not SUKI SUKI. Please see Sucky! Sucky! Five Dolla! for the right reference!!!
If you say it like a question, it means "Do you like this?".
Your answer can be a "suki", meaning "Yes, I do!".
Or "karaoke, suki?" meaning "Do you like karaoke?"

Boyfriend: What do you say to a nice home-made dinner and movie by the fireplace?
Girlfriend: Suki suki!~ ♡
by chottoFCKYOU March 15, 2010
A commonly used phrase of Northern Burlington's AP Calculus teacher, sometimes accompanied by a evil hand gesture.
Student: "Mr. Newman, AP Calculus is so hard"
Mr. Newman: "Suki suki" 😏
by Peggy Bulbous November 21, 2021
Another japanese/weeb word for "I love you".
"Suki suki Nono!"

"Suki suki Hana."
by Vailla July 7, 2018
a phrase used by hot soccer chicks
"Suki Suki! I love my hot bitties"
by Varsity Click October 29, 2006
Means "I like you I like you I love you" in Japanese. It's also a name of a song but just a warning.. IF A GIRL SINGS THIS TO YOU RUN! RUN FOR YOU'RE LIFE SINCE THE SONG ALSO HAS THE WORDS "If you don't love I will kill you!" SO HEAR ME OUT NOW! BEFORE YOU DIE!
"Suki suki daisuki... Suki suki daisuki!"
by Edgypotato April 14, 2018
suku suki daisuki means “I like you i love you’ but if someone ever says this to you RUN because the song has the lyrics “say you love me or i’ll kill you” or if you like them tell them you like them example is bellow.
example 1
girl:suki suki daisuki
boy: i love you too
example 2:
girl: suki suki daisuki
boy: what does that mean?
girl: …. *then you die*
by October 16, 2021