basically the same thing as a blowjob, but the name makes more sense
man, bitch just dropped to her knees, and gave me the best suckjob
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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the actual defined term of when a woman sucks the mans sausage area.
Man that slut Tammy gave me such an amazing suck job last night.
by Carter John Gautier March 21, 2018
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Getting your lips around somebody's shaft and giving it a good old suck until they cream on your tonsils
I'd give those lads Harvey and Cam a suck job anyday. I've heard that girl Becky is good at giving suck jobs
by Helentaylor March 10, 2015
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The same thing as a blow job, but the person gowing down doesn't come up, they just move their tongue around in pleasurable motions to produce an orgasm.
Damn that suck job was ten times better than a bj. DAMN!
by Goodson April 8, 2008
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* similar to a blowjob, however the women violently sucks the penis like she's trying to get the last few drops from a drink

* An occupation employed by pimps to metaphorically " suck" the Money out a targets wallets and bank account
* sucking on a lollipop so fucking hard that the damn thing is sucked of the stick and flys into the persons mouth, causing a lot of gagging
* Can you give me suck job instead of a blowjob, blowjobs are gross

* I want you to suck this target dry of money until he don't have enough to buy some toilet paper
* Be careful with that lollipop, you wouldn't want to give yourself a suckjob
by Datt_nutt April 21, 2015
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another term for getting oral pleasure on your wong-dong .

another way of saying blowjob
1.) My girl gave me the best S.J. (suck job) last night!!! i splooged everywhere!

2.)I payed some slutty cunt to give me dome. Best suck job ever!
by 420tards July 23, 2011
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this is something you say to someone when they do something wrong.
good job sucking joe! we lost the game 'cause of you!
by xkirex October 6, 2007
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