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When another person (hopefully a girl!) stimulates a man penis with her hand(s) until the man ejaculates.

A hand job is something that a nice girl can do for a man and and still retain her dignity, unlike a blow job.
I am sitting with my girl friend on the sofa watching TV, and she reaches over and undoes my belt, then she looks at me saying nothing but with a little devilish smile on her face. She then slowly pulls my pants down to my ankles, and then reaches back up, putting her hand inside my boxers. I gasp and breath a little harder as I feel her little hand take hold of my cock and balls, and then pull them out through the opening in my boxers, exposing them. I feel my breath quicked again as she pulls my foreskin back slowly over the head of my cock, and blows gently on my cock head giggling a little. With that devilish grin again she looks up into my eyes, and I know I am powerless to resist her. My pulse is racing now and my cock quickly becomes rock hard and curves up eager for her. I moan a little as her small hand takes a firm grip around my thick shaft. Very slowly and gently she begins to move her hand up and down my throbbing shaft. She starts of slowly but soon her little hand is moving faster and faster, and she is pulling down on my cock which she knows I like. I am breathing really hard now, and lost in her rhythm, each movement she makes is heaven. I feel my balls starting to tighten, and the pressure stating to build, my cock is harder than ever. The pressure is starting to build more and more, my pulse is racing, I tense my body to try and stop it building, but her rhythm is relentless. I tighten my fists, and I feel my toes curl, I arch my back, shut my eyes tight, I try and hold back just a second more, but suddenly I cannot hold back anymore, and huge waves of pleasure overcomes me as I thrust out my cock with each huge arc of seamen that jets out uncontrollably. As the pleasure subsides, my knees are shaking a little, my girlfriend cleans me up with a tissue, and I cuddle here for a while.

That was a great hand job!
by Ryd October 07, 2006

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The effect of the violent purging of liquid shit from the back passage, which leaves a 'splattering' of crap on the back of the toilet bowl, not dissimilar from a type of exterior wall coating.

For maximum effect the 'pebble dasher' requires a significant amount of 'wind' in their system and must strain hard whilst simultaneous holding their ring piece closed (with hands if required). Once enough pressure has built up the opening of the ring piece will allow the pebble dashing to occur.

Pebble dashers should note that one school of thought maintains that given extreme straining, the material exiting the rear can potentially achieve super sonic velocities, momentarily creating a shock wave that can tear the ring piece. Their advice is therefore not to strain too hard!
I never pebble dash at home, only in mates houses.....and then leave it!
by Ryd June 25, 2006

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A turd which is of sufficient size and mass that it naturally sits at the bottom of the toilet bowl, but with a portion which sits proud above the water line and in doing so mimics a small atoll or island.

A true shit atoll is not supported by the sides of the toilet in any way but is completely 'free standing'.
After not having a crap for two weeks I produced a prize winning shit atoll last night.
by Ryd June 25, 2006

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The act of scratching, painting, or spraying an image of a dong onto a wall or surface in a public place.

Generally popular with adolescent boys, the dong depicted can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, although it can often be hard to determine whether or not it is circumsized!
6 months ago all the desks in classroom 6 were new, now half have been dongerized!
by Ryd June 26, 2006

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An individual who prepares the sandwiches in places such as subway or quiznos. This definition is somewhat derogatory but reflects the lowly status of this 'occupation'.
The sub-human screwed up by putting in red onion when I specifically asked for none.........again!
by Ryd June 25, 2006

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Playfully stroking, proding, or caressing anywhere on a woman from the labia to the inner thigh with your erect, twitching cock, prior to full penetration.

If the mood is right and you are well practiced, your girl will be driven wild, since the act of postponing full penetration only adds to the overall anticipation.
As I stroked my penis around my girls inner thigh she could not take the edge play anymore and begged me to enter her!
by Ryd June 26, 2006

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