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Modern SpongeBob
That one where Squidward went to Kelpy G's concert and Patrick ate the passes. Torture porn
by 1973memes with helicopters November 27, 2015

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People who lack moral agency and have a career based on breaking the Non Agression Principle.
Politicians are sub human animals.
by 1973memes with helicopters January 07, 2020

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People who think the Eclipse of August 2017 is the Revelation 12 sign and think the world is getting worse due to "birth pains" which were mentoined. These people watch a lot of conspiracy videos on YouTube. The people who believe this really think the world governments are controlled by Satan and everything we know is a lie.
Jesus is coming back soon due to the eclipse. It's the Apoceclipse.
by 1973memes with helicopters September 07, 2017

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Slur for Mormons. A portion of the United States covers Utah, Southeast Idaho, and parts of California, Nevada, and Wyoming. This area has the highest density of Mormons and have highest Jello consumption in the United States. Jello is also the state snack of Utah.
That Jello Eater is so brainwashed, he eats nothing except Jello. Damn church tactics.
by 1973memes with helicopters September 06, 2018

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Short for voluntary capitalist. Vocaps are anarcho capitalists who believe that the government should be used to get rid of the government.
I'm a vocap so I voted for the libertarian.
by 1973memes with helicopters February 01, 2018

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An expression of familiarity over time.
When you think about love doesn't mean anything.
by 1973memes with helicopters August 14, 2017

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Yamaka wearing Jew based on the sect of Judaism
That motherfucking yidda kyke scammed me out of all my money.
by 1973memes with helicopters July 21, 2021

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