11 definitions by HeatoN

1. Sook
2. fgt
3. crap in wars
That guy is helll magey stylez.

I played like magey tonight...
by HeatoN August 11, 2003
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OMFG Tuber is awesome. SK Played him 1v5 Last Night an lost 24-0
by HeatoN August 30, 2003
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1. boy with ginger pubes
2. a rare type of cs groupie who can actually play good counter-strike
*** You have been banned from #SK
by HeatoN March 19, 2003
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Wau! Vinko ! What a progamer ! maen im in Crave we own.
by HeatoN July 20, 2003
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clan pwa? bunch of fat nerds that couldn't get laid.
by HeatoN May 07, 2003
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usually found lurking around internet cafes this creature is what we in NZ call a 'wannabe progamer'.. generally chubby in stature this beast spends countless hours playing a stupid computer game thinking one day he will make a living out of it, also tend to sacrifice anything to win the abovementioned game which includes fucking over everyone of his so-called friends
by HeatoN March 18, 2003
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