an extremely cool person, yes very nice
this is also a term for a religion that currently consists of about 7 people
by SheffieldWednesdayarebetter September 06, 2020
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A ghetto stylus is when you have a touchscreen device without its stylus, so you use a pencil or pen or any other object with a point in its place.
"Yo man, check out my sweet new phone. I lost the stylus though so I have to use this pen as a ghetto stylus."
by Gunface January 18, 2008
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Using your finger on a touch sensitive device such as an iPhone in the place of a stylus or other pointing device.
You can use your meat stylus to draw and write on the new iPad.
by krankshaft March 12, 2010
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When you meet a cute girl online and have been texting for a while, using a stylus.

Note: a stylus pal can interface with other media pals, for example, a text pal.
Hey Daniela, you being my stylus pal is getting kind of old...
by Neighbor Chuck January 04, 2019
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writing your name with semen using your penis
after sex danny likes to pull out and jizz on a girls stomach and write his name in it...

i introduced her to the pink stylus last night.
by jeremyC2.0 August 11, 2009
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Person 1: Hey, is scrolling your favourite way of using your phone?

Person 2: No, I prefer stylusing.

Person 1: I hate you
by Mad ting dog September 09, 2020
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When your penis inadvertently acts as a stylus and performs an operation on your phone.

Background History
If my phone is in my front left pocket(penal curve side) I am 10 times more likely to pocket dial someone. I have met many others that experience the same issue.
"Can you put your phone in your other pocket?" Your pocket stylus is blowing up my phone.
by Mastro-K January 13, 2016
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