Latest handheld released by Nintendo. The Nintendo DS is a portable gaming system which sports two screens, the bottom being the touch screen. The DS' main rival is of course the PSP, which is another portable gaming system released by Sony. Personally I think they're both evenly matched, they both have the good things about them and the bad things about them. Being a proud owner of both consoles, and finding both to be great portable systems, I'll go through each console:

The DS. Anybody saying the DS games are just childish, has honestly never tried playing them, and have their head so far up another gaming company's ass that it's almost popping out of their eye sockets. The games, while appealing as "childish", are extremely fun to play, and worth what you pay for. The DS has a very good battery life, the touch screen and mic adds more interactivity to games, and has a decent range of games out too. You can also go online with it, using Wi-Fi. Having said that, there is no real media(music, films etc.) available for it straight away, however Nintendo are working on many new things for the DS, including an internet service for the DS using the opera browser, which is a very good browser equivilent to the Firefox browser. There are also other ways, for instance using a play-yen. The DS is capable of 2D or 3D graphics, and the graphics are equivilent to that of the Nintendo 64.

The PSP. Right now I'm quite disappointed with the games out for PSP at the moment, however there are some pretty good ones in development as I type. The battery life for it is small, however you can buy batteries with increased battery life, but these do cost a lot. The good thing is that you can store photos, music, films and video on PSP memory cards, and it's good to have all of these in my pocket when on a long journey, with the choice of playing a game too. But the normal memory cars that comes with the PSP is only 32MB, so you have to pay for a better memory card, and they cost loads. I had to pay £90 for a 1GB memory card, and the PSP itself isn't cheap in the first place. There's also some hacks for the PSP, also known as Homebrew. It has better graphics than the DS, which is always nice to have but the actual gameplay of the games comes before graphics, and right now PSP is lacking in a good range of games.

Both consoles are around the same size and there's hardly any difference in weight.

Both are great systems, but my main reason for buying a gaming console was for games, and I'm much more satisfied with the games that Nintendo DS offers me.
Both are evenly matched consoles, but I've had much more fun with the games that Nintendo DS offers me. Fanboys should really play the games before bad mouthing them, but then again, you can't get anything through to a fanboy. ;)
by -Mike- April 19, 2006
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Nintendo latest branch of consoles. Shown at E3 2004 in LA. And released in the US in November and Japan in December. Is expected to be released in early 2005 in Europe and Australia. It uses a voice recognition system, has 2 screens around the size of that shown on the GBA. Both screens are capable of 3D and 2D graphical capabilities. Uses a touch screen on the bottom screen for handheld innovation. Built in messenger chat for up to 16 people in 100 feet distnace as of now. Soon to use online capabilities. Back lit light, stereo sound, stylus and many more functions. Was the number one gaming hardware at the end of December 2004. Is not a Game Boy, it's something totally different. Also comes complete with charger and a charged battery life that lasts up to 10 hours, works with GBA SP charger.
Nintendo DS, Handheld of 2004.
by David January 3, 2005
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A handheld gaming console that was released 11/21/04. Dual Screen. A kick ass product.
This Nintendo DS rocks man.
by Mr.Guy December 26, 2005
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Nintendo's new handheld system. It features hit games like Animal Crossing DS, Meteos, and Mario Kart DS. The DS will have Wi-Fi internet service by the end of 2005. The internet service will be completley free and will feature games such as Tony Hawk (Working Title), Animal Crossing DS, and Mario Kart DS. The Nintendo DS is a unique system, and unlike the PSP (Which has better graphics, but is still just a shrunk PS2) it has touch screen control and a huge selection of great games. With a Play Yan you can play music and movies on the DS, plus the DS plays GBA games. The Nintendo DS supports many different types of Multiplayer. They are:

Wi-Fi Internet Multi-player:
Explained above.

Nintendo DS wireless download and play:
One DS hosts a game and the other people with a DS can join the game, even if they don't have the game itself. Most DS games do this. The wireless range of the Nintendo DS is 100 feet, but can be expanded with a "hotspot" that sends the wireless transmision through a more powerful source that can reach up to around 500 feet.

Nintendo DS Wireless Mulri-card play:
Same as Download and play, only each player must have their own game card inserted into the DS.

The Nintendo DS can withstand amazing damage, two mountain climbers even took their 10 Nintendo DSs to Mount. Everest, and the top of it at that, and none of them broke. They also took computers and other electronics, and most of them broke.
If you want a flashy system with great graphics, get a PSP, but if you want a system with great, unique games, plus internet, good graphics, and otherwise, get a DS.
Sony Fanboy: "The PSP can play movies and the DS can't!"

Nintendo DS user: "No, the DS can play movies and music with a Play-Yan."

Sony PSP user: "Yes, it's true the DS has more unique gameplay, but the PSP has better graphics."
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005
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Nintendo's latest "Third Piller" handheld. The Nintendo DS features 64-bit graphics, better then the N64 due to the fact that it has more RAM, and a higher polygon count. This fact is proven in Super Mario 64 and 64 DS, Mario's nose in round in DS, but in 64 it's a bit more blocky. It features a built-in mic, wireless multiplayer, an LCD touch screen, a regular viewing screen, GBA cartrige playback ability, and online Wi-Fi gaming with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service(NWFC) which was released in November 2nd, 2005. The NWFC is slowly suprassing X-Box LIVE in the online gaming industry, in its first 7 weeks it amassed more people then X-Box LIVE had in 6 months, and at 4 months it reached 1 million players, and 28 million matches played, though the first two games have scratchy online play, Nintendo is slowly fixing it up. Animal Crossing DS fixed it with chat, Metroid Prime: Hunters will finalize the Wi-Fi service with voice chat, and a lobby, meaning you wont have to exchange friend codes online, you can do it via DS. Soon, the DS's next installment will be released, the Nintendo DS Lite, though some people may groan at the thought, it fixes all of the problems the first one had, it is smaller, 2/3 the weight, a 4x brighter screen, and an apple-style look. They also have managed to place the buttons in a comfier position, along with a larger stylus, stronger screen, and easier portabilty overall. On a final note, the Nintendo DS has become the fastest selling gaming console or handheld to ever be sold, worldwide it has sold more then the PSP, truely clenching victory. One of Nintendo's most successful consoles/handhelds.
New Nintendo DS Wi-Fi games-

March 20th - Metroid Prime: Hunters and Tetris DS, both with voice chat and virtual keyboard chat.
April 2006 - Lostmagic, an RPG-turned online RPG
by Iorchova March 17, 2006
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The newest Nintendo Portable gaming system. It is awsome and will soon have really great games and online play for free!
Metroid Prime Hunters Online will fucking rule! PSP sucks!
by SCANK April 7, 2005
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Nintendo dual-screen. Something I can't wait to get. Nintendo's latest portable system is seperate from the gameboy series.

At a first look, the DS' dual screen just seems like a feature. A good feature is one that has something to do with improving gameplay, which the touch screen does. The psp however, is trying to beat nintendo with better graphics and dvd, making the DS the instant winner. Why? Because the DS is focusing on making fun games and revolutionizing games. The PSP is a mobile phone minus the calling people.

Also, the DS is cheaper then PSP and so are the games. The DS consumes less battery power then the PSP.
The DS is an interesting console with fun games.
by Marbarian June 4, 2005
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