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A serious illness contracted by those of the world with an inability to add up numbers without reverting to completely ridiculous attempts at mathematics. It has become apparent that Stupiditis is spreading and the world is covered in sufferers of this illness and they should all be put down like the mentally challenged sad bags they are.
That guy has Stupiditis
Pretty sure 2+2 is still 4, damn your Stupiditis is bad
How come when you open your mouth, it sounds like Stupiditis is coming out?
by honneamise November 26, 2018
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An infection caused by a borderline retarded human saying something so fucking stupid it destroys the laws of disease and infects you with his own stupidity. It also makes your balls smell like damp cardboard
What you just said gave me stupiditis you absolute goober
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by Yes,masta September 29, 2019
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