. someone who looks up stupid in an online dictionary

. someone who defines stupid in an online dictionary
LARRY: "Look..stupid is defined as.."
BOB: "BahHAHAhah you looked it up"
LARRY: "it says you wrote it.."

*Both bow head in shame*
by kimmy booth May 13, 2005
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1. Anyone who is as smart as a pig
2. A name that your mother always call you
3. A condition that a smart guy needs to pretend during certain situation, such as his girlfriend ask him to buy her diamonds or expensive gifts.
by Mokonamon May 10, 2005
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blind faith and trust iin either an idea, a pre-conceived and/or mistaken idea, diverting one's recognition of fact based in reality in lieu of a favorable perspective concerning people, places, things.... ideas and etcetera.
I am stupid. I am stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid, how blind,
by THE REAL JULIA December 04, 2006
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can be used as a verb, for someone who tries to convince you to do something idiotic, because they think you are stupid, or mildly retarded
Last Night....
girl: 'oh, cum in me'
guy: 'what??'
girl: 'cum in me, baby.'
guy: 'yea, uhh, screw that shit!!'

The Next Day....
guy 1: 'man, i need to break up wit this girl.'
guy 2: 'why? what'd she do?'
guy 1: 'dude this girl tried to stupid me into cummin inside her. i told her i aint tryin to have no kids anytime soon.'
guy 2: 'yea, thats some stupid shit right there. you should break it off.'
guy 1: 'shit, i'm already callin.'
by The (D*)Rock Says..... January 05, 2009
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1. Lacking Intelligence.
2. Awesome; great
1. Ron was so stupid that he doesn't even know what a hamstring is.
2. "Yo, that was hot, that was crazy, that was stupid!"
by Jay M August 08, 2006
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1. Someone who is completely clueless and pathetic. This would be the perfect way to describe those guys in cartoons that go around salivating and saying, "duuuuuuhhhhhhh..."

2. Someone who isn't intelligent, like people who flunk school in grade one.

3. Something that is pointless and lame, like school, for instance.
1. "Look at that guy who keeps tripping over his own feet. He's SO STUPID!"

2. "I heard that Myrtle flunked out of grade one! That's why she's always unemployed; she's really stupid."

3. Uggghhh... School starts in a week. School is SO STUPID!
by blogger_08 January 17, 2006
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