Having a natural aptitude or skill for something
BTS is extremely Talented at what they do for they can sing, dance, and rap.
by Taehyung's imaginary waifu February 7, 2019
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An adjective used to disqualify normy's or popular kids. A social media called Youtube was made specifically for talent but... You know what happened. If you have talent than you most likely are accelerated in arts(dance, photography, drawing/painting) or are musically advanced(disqualifying pop/hip hop/ country musicians) If you follow trends then you are most likely un-talented.
Merry christmas, Taylor!
P.S. You ARE talented
P.P.S Keep shredding
P.P.P.S. This is the last P.S.
"Hey, he's talented!"
(Spinning a fidget spinner)"Huh?"
"I forget"
by Talent=Chance of success December 20, 2017
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