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27 definitions by Tyrone

the polite way of calling someone a dildo.
get away from me you semen puking asshole dickhead
by Tyrone June 11, 2003
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A person who does not appeal to their physical and/or psychological needs.
"I'm hungry, but Idont want to eat right now."

"I'm really tired but I dont think I want to go to bed at this moment."
by Tyrone March 8, 2004
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1. A greeting 2. Hello
Whitey: Hello, and how are you this fine morining sir?

Tyrone: sup yo?
by Tyrone June 4, 2002
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Target = Tar-gay = Taggart is gay.
Targay was up all last night having "kinky butt sex" with that pimp! Hello no!
by Tyrone December 16, 2004
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to smoke crack or snort cocaine (also skeeted or skeeted out refers to someone who is high on crack or cocaine)
That guy on the corner looked really skeeted
by Tyrone May 15, 2004
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Nicholas Sproul, the slobmeister
Damn, bitch! You been slobbin all on it!
by Tyrone August 24, 2004
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Something that is very stiff and hard to move.
It seems Stewie wee wee, has been stricken with rigor mortis.
by Tyrone November 11, 2004
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