27 definitions by Tyrone

Target = Tar-gay = Taggart is gay.
Targay was up all last night having "kinky butt sex" with that pimp! Hello no!
by Tyrone December 16, 2004
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A guy who use to be into men, but now has converted back to women.
Jeremy got sick of a dick in his ass so now he is chasing women and leaving all men to yestergay
by Tyrone January 8, 2004
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From the mud huts of srilanka, the word kumran originated.

It is the new word for gimp
by Tyrone September 21, 2004
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a dead duck shoved up the ass during anal sex then left there to eat the next day
o shit son that fuckerduck feels good in my butt i can't wait to eat it tomorrow
by Tyrone August 30, 2003
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A person who does not appeal to their physical and/or psychological needs.
"I'm hungry, but Idont want to eat right now."

"I'm really tired but I dont think I want to go to bed at this moment."
by Tyrone March 8, 2004
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when u get so whacked that u star seeing thing or feeling really wierd
man i dont no about you but im really trippin out
by Tyrone March 11, 2005
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Something that is very stiff and hard to move.
It seems Stewie wee wee, has been stricken with rigor mortis.
by Tyrone November 11, 2004
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