Someone to chill with in study when you're supposed to do "work."
I can't wait till i see my study buddy.
by Steve March 9, 2005
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Adderall, perscription ADHD medication that can induce concentration for extended periods of time. Often taken without prescription by students who want to cram.
Student 1: Agh, I have three tests tomorrow… I'll never be able to prepare!
Student 2: Want a study buddy?
by PathDæmon March 6, 2006
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invented by an art student at UGA, the Study Buddy is a drink consisting of a shot of vodka (the cheaper the better: Taaka is always a winner) mixed with a crushed up Adderall (5mg IR is plenty) and chased with Coke Zero. The drink is a perfect "fuck you" to non-art majors whose intoxication might impede their grades because everyone knows art majors make great drunk artwork, especially around the sleepless times of finals week.
Hey, let me make you a Study Buddy! It's cool, I'm an art major.
by madmadmadmadmad May 16, 2011
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A relationship between two people wherein they have physical intercourse while or in between studying times, usually a secret term to fool parents and other people who would not approve.
Sherry and I are study buddies.
by encarta online January 27, 2015
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1. ritalin, aderol, dexedrine; anything to help you get an A on a final of a class you are failing/haven't gone to once udring the entire semester

2. allows one to navigate and absorb hours of excrutiatingly boring material in the hopes of throwing it back up on a test or exam
If it weren't for these study buddies, I wouldn't have been able to study for 2 days straight without any sleep.
by ssling April 27, 2006
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When a guy gets a boner while studying, or can't focus on their work because they are too horny.
(After a long, intense kiss from his sexy wife)
"Man, now I got a study buddy."
by biyoddujo May 22, 2009
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A study buddy is any drug taken to excess to aid an academically-ailing student to study. These can range from Adderalls to Cocaine to Peyote.
John: I'm failing this final. I can't even open the book, I'm so dazed.

Paul: Psh, lemme introduce you to my study buddy, Mary Jane, she helps in a variety of amazing ways.
by Maximilianothe15th January 16, 2012
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