diet coke in a different bottle for men who think "diet" coke is for girls
A: "Is that diet coke you're drinking? You ponce..."
B: "Now way, this is coke zero, coke for REAL men."
by mike spooner May 15, 2007
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Like Diet Coke but actually tastes like something fit for human consumption, another difference is girls won't buy into it because it doesn't have 'diet' in its name.
'What's the point of Diet Coke still being in production when Coke Zero exists and doesn't taste like half of the periodic table?'
by JizzySpunkbubbles August 22, 2014
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Same as regular coke..except that it tastes like straight up SHIT. You'd think that Coca-Cola robbed all the hospitals in the USA of their patients' urine samples, dumped them in a giant vat, and added chemicals and splenda until it tasted like cyanide mixed with cat guts. What was Coca-Cola thinking.?
WOW! Coke Zero has zero calories! And zero taste! *furiously vomits blood all over walls* It's devouring my insides!
by madcow4668 August 7, 2006
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Carbonated beverage introduced by Coke around 2004, claimed to taste the same as regular Coke, with no calories or sugar, and made with the new sweetener Splenda. Arguably tastes not better than Diet Coke, but just has a different aftertaste.

This product was created in part for the new generation of soft drinks in America, as the cola companies phase out the term "diet" on all sodas, because of the taboo it evokes in preference for the term "zero" or "free"
"You drinking Diet Coke fatty?"
"No, its Coke Zero you ass."
by Corey2008 September 3, 2007
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All the price of high street cocaine, Zero of the effects
Head One: " how was that gram you bought for a ton on Saturday then mate? Banging?"

Head Two: "Na man, that was a proper knock mate! Did some, felt a bit of a twitch at the beginning, then nothing after that!"

Head One: "Mate, you got done! Looks like you got hit with some Coke Zero there geez!"
by zeddmeister July 26, 2013
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Real taste, zero sugar. Just like Coca Cola only without any sugar and all the normal ingrediants.
Coke zero... real taste, no sugar... and how about a great life and no downside?
by Gdogs McC January 26, 2006
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For the whores who want to drink coca-cola without the sugar. It's just pop for a pussy.
I could really go for a coke zero rn XD
by sadboi669 February 2, 2022
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