Jules Casablancas is an immensly talented individual, his unique voice and songwriting skills combine to make The Strokes one of the greatest bands of today. The man oozes coolness and thanks to his parents, his mother is former miss Denmark and his father is the founder of 'Elite' modelling agency, Julian has great looks and is loved by many. Girls want to be with him and guys wants to be him, with his big brown eyes and shaggy hair.
Julian Casablancas is a great musician and all round cool guy.
by Deleighla Casablancas August 29, 2004
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One of the sexiest guys in music. The voice, the face, the clothes, the hair..the drinking & smoking!! There is nothing hotter.
by Yassa October 9, 2003
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Vocalist for The Strokes, a band which for our time is phenomenal. Highly cool and unconventially attractive, his real magnestism lies in the droll way he carries himself and holds the mike. Son of John Casablancas (head of Elite modelling agency) and one-time Miss. Denmark. Rebelled against the establishment while in a Manhattan prep school.
I adore Julian Casablancas.
by Idon'thaveaname November 21, 2003
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Julian Casablancas is from my favorite band The Strokes. He is the son of John Casablancas (founder of Elite Model Management) and Jeanette Christiansen (former Miss Denmark and model.) Was born on August 23, 1978. Julian is known to be a rock god from his time. He is known to be an "I don't give a fuck" kind of guy but there is so much more to him. He doesn't like strip clubs. Once he went to a strip club and got the heaviest grinding lap dance that as soon as he got home he had to jerk off twice (which is some information that some people didn't really want to know which I thought too when I read it but I mean guys are guys oh well!) He is married to Juliet Joslin (now Juliet Casablancas) as of 2005. He is no longer the drunk druggie that we once knew because of how he changed for his wife. We all remember the article in which he was drunk where he found an abandoned wheelchair out on the street and used it to go home and the time where he bought a can of pringles even though he hates them so much. Sorry off of the topic. Even though he may not be the same guy that we remember from when The Strokes barely started I still love him for who he is.
Julian Casablancas is the awesomest (if that is even a word) person alive!
by Nasazile May 5, 2008
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Man with a voice who can lure you in very easily (sounds like young Lou Reed). His lyrics are original and intriguing. He's got the right attitude for where he is now, and when it comes to interviews, the boy's got wit. The man is sex.
The room is on fire as Julian Casablancas walks in.
by Jo May 8, 2004
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Julian Casablancas is the vocalist of the Strokes. He comes up with the music and the lyrics. His voice is low, wonderfully raspy, and almost always on key. When it's off-key, it just sounds even more wonderful. It's cooler to think of him as single even though he is, apparently, married. He's so intelligent, witty, and fun when he's sober, with a great smile which the cameras tend not to see a lot of. You'll be more likely to see a picture of him with one eyebrow raised, staring at the camera as if he was just finished saying, "My God, get out of my face," and was about the smash the camera onto the ground. Apparently, he's fun when he's drunk/stoned, as well. Extremely charismatic anywhere he is in whatever state of mind he happens to be in. On stage, he tends to screw around with other members of the Strokes and hold the microphone in the queerest yet coolest fashion. I think the whole "Jules is sexy" is overplayed, so I won't say it. I prefer other band members, actually, although Jules IS sexy. :D
Jules sang into the mike, "Now we're outta time! I said it's my fault, it's my fault." I sat, listening happily and watching the Strokes at their best.

(If I could actually go to a Strokes concert... man... that would be heaven...)
by Stroke Number Six February 12, 2005
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The extremely talented, extremely hott singer of one of the best bands out there, the strokes. Jules is half spanish and half danish, and has the most gorgeous eyes in the world. He's a great live performer; with his raspy vocals and increadable stage-ora. Julian is by far one of the sexiest perfomers of there, if not the most.
Julian Casablancas is my lover. Yeah, you heard me. Back off!
by Marissa January 4, 2004
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