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Taken from the famous legend of Zelda series. Farore, being one of three goddesses of Legend of the Triforce; the others being Naeru and Din. Farores-wind, names the magical incantation cast to teleport Link from one place to another
Watcher: Quick! You fool you're going to die!

Player: I know, I know!

Watcher: Cast farores-wind, and teleport to the beginning of the desert!
by Belinda January 16, 2005
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The act of two bodies rubbing together to create sexual release with little chance of pregnancy.
My sisters husband and I spent the afternoon dry humping while she was at work.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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A sexually uninhibited married woman with both the freedom and inclination/desire to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men.
I am a hot wife and my husband loves it.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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A blow job which incorporates a gentle humming while performing the duty to increase stimulation.
My husband asked me to give his boss a hummer to thank him for giving him a promotion.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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When multiple partners, usually 3 or more, engage in sexual intercourse with a single willing partner. (If partner is unwilling it is called gang rape).
My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday and with his permission I allowed them to gangbang me.
by Belinda September 21, 2004
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1. A person who has a psychological need to get into TV, Film, Radio or Print.
2. A person who becomes aroused almost sexually by seeing or hearing themselves or about themselves in the media.
Most people who audition for reality TV series or write excessive numbers of letters to the editor are nothing more than media whores.
by Belinda April 17, 2004
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An erotic dance that a female performs while straddling the lap of another person(typically male).
My husband enjoys watching me give his friends lap dances.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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