A game which normally takes advantage of women that dont know how to play poker in which they end up naked
Liam took his chance at a party and played strip poker with ollie and lost on purpose
by Jay Clarkson December 27, 2005
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A popular party game based on the casino card game poker. Instead of betting money on their hands and having the person with the best hand take it, the person with the worst hand has to remove an article of clothing. Often a prelude to orgies.
Guy #1: "Let's play poker!"
Girl: "I suck at poker."
Guy #2: "Let's play STRIP poker!"
by jorgath December 23, 2004
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Strip poker can be played many different ways, the most common of wich is to play regular poker and use the clothes as betting objects. It is:

1) The choice game for drunk girls.
2) The choice game for horny boys.
3) The choice game for kinky people.

"Danielle and Jessica were getting it on during strip poker."
"Hell yeah."
by The Literate Chatterbox February 11, 2006
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A variation of poker that involves betting clothes instead of chips or money. The loser of the hand will give the winner an article of clothing rather than money or chips, thus stripping.

The usual rules imply that clothes are removed from the head down, and pairs of items such as socks must be taken off in that pair, they cannot be split up into 2 articles of clothing. Jewelry and/or Glasses do not count as an article of clothing.
We played strip poker last night, Jenny was totally nude after the 6th hand.
by Ebe December 30, 2005
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Regular poker with a twist: removal of clothing is involved when beaten.
You lost against Nancy, so you take your shirt off.
by Kaylee December 21, 2004
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A game of poker that does not involve betting with chips/money, rather items of clothing. If you lose, you must remove those items of clothing off your body.
Ok everyone I have a great party game, strip poker!
by Falkinor December 16, 2004
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Like regular poker with a twist. Who ever wins the hand chooses a losing player and that player has to take off an article of clothing.
(Many variations have been created).
Sometimes played at school or college in replacment of "truth or dare".
Always cheat at strip poker when the girl players outnumber the guy players.
by Serpent December 16, 2004
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