24 definitions by Jay Clarkson

A meat head that has a very large chin, so that you could hang a coat on for example
Yiam has such a meat hook, he always hits people with his chin when he walks past
by Jay Clarkson February 18, 2005
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Bling that doesnt fit and hangs limp and often falls off when pointing at things
Yiam wears limp bling of a bracelet as it is longer it got more gold innit
by Jay Clarkson January 7, 2005
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A copied playstation game that devvo sold his mother to the gypsys for
Cans I comes to yoons house to watch your tellivizzle, play gran turismund and sleep in your bed.... I'm not gay
by Jay Clarkson January 7, 2005
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To fall over when you have an erection and land penis first
Mark was running as fast as he can until he gonced on the floor
by Jay Clarkson April 9, 2005
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Someone who eats ass aka A rimmer
Comes from using "beefy" as a description of a fart
Very good to fool people into admiting they rim people without knowing
Hey chris are you a beefeater
oh sure i love a bit of beef... hey what are you laughing at me for
by Jay Clarkson February 22, 2005
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