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A game of poker that does not involve betting with chips/money, rather items of clothing. If you lose, you must remove those items of clothing off your body.
Ok everyone I have a great party game, strip poker!
by Falkinor December 16, 2004
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Correct definition. None of that bullshit biased shit you call a definition.

A metro or metrosexual is a male that is cares about his appearance and hygiene but is a heterosexual.

Anyone who says a metrosexual is actually a homosexual, is just jealous that these sensitive SNAG guys are getting laid more then them. Discrimination never gets you anywhere people. Report me, I dare you. You have nothing on me.
John looked very metro with that styled hair and pink shirt.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004
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A continuous "session" (sess standing for session)of kissing/making out.
My girlfreind was on the rags so I could only have a make out sess.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004
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Jismonic man juices.

See semen cum jizz.
Tim: Holy jism on a cracker jenny did you see that?

Jenny: Please never use the word jism and my name in the same sentence again.

*lays the smack down on Tim*
by Falkinor December 15, 2004
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Gath is a shortened version of gathering which is a small party of people. Usually between 10-35 people, and hopefully with alcohol or weed flowing freely.
James: Hey Rach want to goto Smith's gath this friday?
Rach: Def
by Falkinor March 1, 2006
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A slang word that means to shoot or fire apon another human being with a fire arm. Usually associated with blacks rather than whites due to stereotypes.
I was cappin this mofo out in the hood.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004
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(Pronounced two-five)

Used primarily with selling of weed, when buying a stick (flat rate of 25AUD) is called a 25.

Also comes in a 50 (pronounced five-o).

Definition only good for Australia.
Buyer: Can I pick up that 25?
Dealer: Meet you at Thomas Park at 9pm.
by Falkinor November 27, 2006
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