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A metro or metrosexual is a male that is cares about his appearance and hygiene but is a heterosexual.

Anyone who says a metrosexual is actually a homosexual, is just jealous that these sensitive SNAG guys are getting laid more then them. Discrimination never gets you anywhere people. Report me, I dare you. You have nothing on me.
John looked very metro with that styled hair and pink shirt.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004

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Gath is a shortened version of gathering which is a small party of people. Usually between 10-35 people, and hopefully with alcohol or weed flowing freely.
James: Hey Rach want to goto Smith's gath this friday?
Rach: Def
by falkinor March 01, 2006

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Jismonic man juices.

See semen cum jizz.
Tim: Holy jism on a cracker jenny did you see that?

Jenny: Please never use the word jism and my name in the same sentence again.

*lays the smack down on Tim*
by Falkinor December 15, 2004

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It is a slang word for when a women ejaculates, and it rolls down her leg and drips off her big toe.
Man 01 "Dude you suck!"
Man 02 "Oh go drink your mums clush out of your dads eybrow!"
by Falkinor May 29, 2004

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A game of poker that does not involve betting with chips/money, rather items of clothing. If you lose, you must remove those items of clothing off your body.
Ok everyone I have a great party game, strip poker!
by Falkinor December 15, 2004

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The hustle was a song that was released in the 70's during the disco era. To do the hustle is to dance to the song as John Travolta does it in Saturday Night Fever.
Comon crew, lets show our moves and do the hustle for these fools.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004

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A continuous "session" (sess standing for session)of kissing/making out.
My girlfreind was on the rags so I could only have a make out sess.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004

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