3 definitions by David Auger

1) Former member of Soldier who became a mercenary, hired by Avalanche

2) Defeater of Sephiroth and Jehova

3) Capable of using very large swords, like the 'Buster Sword'

4) Has spikey yellow hair

5) Childhood friend of Tifa Lockheart
"But the planets dieing Cloud!" - Barret
by David Auger April 19, 2003
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Military operative who is a member of Foxhound, a military unit specialized in special assignments such as infiltraition.

Retired from Foxhound after the Zanzibar incident and since then became a musher in Alaska until he was abducted for another assignment called Shadow Moses.

Upon the completion of that assignment he became an independant agent along with Otacon, who he rescued from Shadow Moses.
"Wow... Solid Snake completely kicked his ass."
by David Auger April 19, 2003
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