exuding a high level of "being cool"...an extremely cool person. Particularly said after doing something cool.
She climbed Mt. Washington because she is cool like that.
by Idea Analyst November 17, 2010
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A phrase that perfectly describes someone or something that is hip,cool, awesome,the shit,the bomb or the kat's meow!!
" Wow, that man is cool like a chicken"

"That girl over there looking cool like a chicken"
"Rolled up on my homies lookin cool like a chicken"
"Bro you looking cool like a chicken"
by Mcdondoodleson February 4, 2019
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To be cool as Anthony Impellizeri
Nick Tziazas is so cool, just like Anthony Impellizeri
by Bruce Minerley September 12, 2003
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A person, place, thing or Idea that is far greater than just cool. Cosidered by many a compliment of the highest order. (Especially in Calvert County, Maryland)
That Kid Chris is totally rad.

I think may just be cool like pie.
by ram a lama ding dong September 1, 2007
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frequently said phrase that is spreading like wildfire. It's a very witty answer to any question needing an explanation for an action.

Often ends in "yo." fora a cooler effect.
Confused Person:"Hey, why the hell are you doing that?!"

Cool Person: "Cuz, I'm cool like that, yo."
by Pink Phox February 27, 2005
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A term used to describe why you did something with your tight-ass bud, or to explaing why you are always together, or to explain why you are always with that person.
Mayn, why you always be trippin wit your boo?

Because we're cool like that.
by Joel Gonzales January 16, 2005
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whenever you do something dumb on accident and everybody asks why you did that just say "cause im cool like that"

txt message abbreviation: ciclt
"Sir, why did you slap the governor in the face?"
Answer:cause im cool like that
Response: Wow you are the coolest kid
by davidbrownfromsd October 1, 2008
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