A word that no one uses in real life, but everyone uses in songs because it's the only word widely applicable/vague enough to rhyme with life.
Whenever that songwriter can't use "wife" or "knife", he comes up with some bullshit about feeling a lot of strife. No one says that lmao.
by IHateTheWordStrife February 16, 2021
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An ignorant person whom is unaware of the structure of their life, surroundings or atmosphere.
Come on zack, you know you have bills to pay. Stop being such a strife niggas!
by TJ Christopher Robin May 27, 2020
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From the German term Streifenwagon. A police vehicle / divisional van.
Jimmy’s place got raided this morning, they chucked him in the back of the strife wagon and took him down the cop shop.
by Cocko McJongaz October 26, 2019
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Strifing is trading both directions. Invented by The Oracle.
Strifing up and down with 2 trades open in opposite directions and closing both trades in profit.
by HackerHipster March 30, 2021
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