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A word for weed used by people who can't spell worth a shit. From the latin names for the plants Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. A third Cannabis plant, Cannabis Ruderalis, is also known as Nebraska No-High for it's comparative lack of THC.
"Man, I need some cannibus!"
"What's that, a dope-powered motor coach? It's Cannabis, you illiterate bunghole!"
by Madmann October 04, 2005
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that popo tried to tell the judge i had some cannibus...i dont even listen to rock and roll.
by melemel November 22, 2002
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A word to decribe a volkswagen bus typicaly driven by stoner with any surfer of hippie afliliation. The sixies being the height of the drug age and the V. bus being the iconic steriotype
"I heard when Bob was a kid he had a Canni-bus when he was young".
by John " Da Guanga" January 05, 2009
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Long Name for "Can-I-Bus?" (NO!!!)
He's a pussy-rapper who's said to be all that Eminem would be if he was Black. (I Disagree) He's the little Chicken Hawk of the Hip-Hop Underground world who has been beaten by rappers in Battles as old as LL Cool J, and as roughly new as Eminem. I don't think he's ever won a Battle before and was even beaten by old whore Princess Superstar, but hey! He's got guts that one.
John Cena of the crappy WWe Show, "Smackdown!" says he gets his "flow" (ha-ha.) from Cannibus. Well, you can hear the awful Mic Skills of both of them in your local FYE bargain bin. Cannibus' "Can-I-Bus" and Cena's "WWe Originals." (Ha-Ha!)
by G-Union January 20, 2004
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