A word for weed used by people who can't spell worth a shit. From the latin names for the plants Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. A third Cannabis plant, Cannabis Ruderalis, is also known as Nebraska No-High for it's comparative lack of THC.
"Man, I need some cannibus!"
"What's that, a dope-powered motor coach? It's Cannabis, you illiterate bunghole!"
by Madmann October 4, 2005
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A peddle-pub for weed except unlike peddle-pubs, a cannibus never moves. The people are too stoned to peddle.
It doesn't matter if the tires are flat on the cannibus. It's not going anywhere.
by kuhlschool December 24, 2018
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that popo tried to tell the judge i had some cannibus...i dont even listen to rock and roll.
by melemel November 22, 2002
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an ingredient which is found in other drugs. most cannibus based drugs are called "stepping stones," because people who take cannibus based drugs want to have the same high they had the first time they tried it so they go on to stronger drugs
cannibus is found in marijuana
by ali February 8, 2003
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When you're about to get super high.
All aboard the cannibus!
by 13 BOOTH November 22, 2012
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