abbreviated version of the english phrase 'what's the story?' used normally by the breed of individuals referred to as scangers who inhabit the inner regions of dublin. is coupled with the word bud for the complete colloqual effect
"not much, whats the craic with you?"
by krn May 22, 2005
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Abbreviation of "that's the story". Used by Fred Dagg (John Clark), New Zealand comedian, now living and mirth-making in Australia. This expression may well have been common amongst numerous kiwis in the 70's, although it's current usage seems to rest with Fred Dagg junkies.
"G'day Bruce. How're they hangin'?"
by Sanatan July 20, 2005
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Persons who greet each other with the word "Story" (an abbreviation of the greeting "What's the Story?"). "Stories" traditionally wear tracksuits and are slightly undesirable.
Here come a bunch of Stories / Bloody Stories / Oh no - Story kids.
by PopeMichael July 21, 2009
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something like this
jerry: lets tell a story :D

2 years later...

jerry: and then the boys finally went to a camping trip

100 million years later

jerry: then the boys went to school

jacob: is this story ever going to end
by notcoolguy123 October 10, 2020
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She is prob short but is shaped like an hourglass. If you find a Story, then get her in a bedroom ASAP. She will have nice boobs and a rockin ass.
β€œOh Story! *Squeezes boobs and ass*”
β€œYes baby fuck me harder!”
β€œWhy are you so sexy!”
by HelloIamapug April 18, 2021
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Story’s are very sweet people. They love animals and are always there to help. They are often very smart and outspoken. They get scared easily and can get very crazy, defensive, and loud. But if you find a story in life DONT let her go. She will care for you, and if you are a catch she could fall in love with you.
Story is so kind to me and she is so smart. I want her to love me.
by HelloIamapug April 18, 2021
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