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A caring and selfless human being, capable of inconveniencing himself for the benefit of another. Does what makes him and those around him happy. Values people the most, especially his family and the ones close to him. He doesn't sacrifice his true self, his beliefs, or personality for anyone and accepts people who differ from him. Loving another is a priority to him and he can be quite the perfectionist. Although hard on himself, he is the most successful of perfectionists because when he puts forth the effort to do the unnecessary extras, he does it perfectly and does it for good reasons. This makes him capable of great acts of love that often may go unnoticed because of how humble he is. Not only loving but very lovable. Has the most attractive personality and appearance. Has a happy presence that makes every second spent with him enjoyable and worth while. His unique personality and hard to find qualities make him easy to love. He is understanding, compassionate, and helpful so talking to him can solve problems, rid worries, and cheer up a troubled heart. Does not like being mean. He always tries to lift people up and does what he can to avoid bringing them down. He is sweet, adorable, cuddly and silly. He's his own character and undoubtably unique. A true one of a kind. He makes great times out of days that otherwise would have been unbearable. He makes the world a better place. The existence of such an amazing person is something worth smiling about!
he's perfect

he must be Caeden
by remelectraz August 28, 2013
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Happy-go-lucky, optimistic, emotionally strong. No matter how difficult or dire the circumstances, Caeden can look on the bright side and stay positive.
"Wow, what you are going through is really tough, how are you coping?"
"I am just trying to be Caeden about it, things won't be bad for long, and then I'll be in a better position than I was before"
by C1nnamon February 04, 2010
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Caeden is a mad lad, such a sick cunt and has a elephants dick and always gets laid, his nickname is gayden
Such a Caeden
by BigRockBoy August 04, 2019
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Caeden is intelligent in many areas at school, but acts without common sense when not in school. He has a great personality and is usually blonde. He is very optimistic and can turn any bad situation into a good one. He is a good friend to be around. He may not always be the best-looking on the outside, but has a great heart. He is very athletic and has big dreams for his future. He probably has European descent in him and is attracted to red-headed girls. Once he likes a girl it is extremely hard for anyone to change his mind. He is a great friend. He will help anyone in trouble if he can.He likes listening to music. He is usually the class clown and gets sent to the principal's office quite regularly- half the time he did do something wrong and the other half is usually because none of his tea hers like him. Caeden is great to hang around. He is almost perfect with a few minor flaws.
Caeden is a grea dude to be with!
by TheBeast is least July 04, 2018
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a total arsehole, an insult to Shrek, and lives in a dirty swamp.
he is so obese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is fugly.
caeden wow that obese shit!!!
by fuckerslouh;wecnc32677yn /?f February 07, 2018
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Some wimpy-ass idiot who will never get a life, a job, or laid. He thinks the school principal will always be standing right behind him. He is also a weak fucking asshole who thinks he won't get in trouble
Damn, he's weak. He must be Caeden
by Schooldick April 01, 2017
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