a story is a direct reflection of the soul; it doesn't block your personality or your happiness. It is your happiness, your problems, your joy, your sadness… it is a reflection of YOU! YOU are your stories.
That story was so deep.
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by THEFISHISHERE November 02, 2020
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A name you probably would never type in. She is smart, intelligent, beautiful, kind, responsible. Her vocals are on point. She is jovial, but shy.
She wants to be successful but is Lazy lol. She probably has brown eyes, and is tall. She loves kpop but is shy to say that because people judge. She hates gym class but love the outdoors. She is crazy and funny once you get to know her.
“Omg story you look great”
“I know she’s rocking it”
Story- wearing a weird outfit while doing weird tik. Tok dances
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by Hellollllllllll October 19, 2020
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