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The compound word "Turdmoe" is used to describe a person in which there is little value or in many cases a negative value. This insult may be more easily understood broken up into its parts, "turd - moe". "Turd" meaning a lump of fecal matter whereas "Moe" added to the end intends to personify the aforementioned "turd" with a negative connotation. The use of this word is more commonly in reference to a person in an undisclosed region of our planet. He was so nicknamed around quarter 2 of the year 2000.
Hey, Turdmoe, stop bothering us you're worthless.
by Turdmoe May 10, 2006
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The stinch is the lowest form of existence. There can only be one stinch in the universe. The Stinch can reach the age of 40 and still have problems crapping thier pants. The stinch can still be annoying from a dstance of 2 miles. Once one has seen the stinch he/she has gained a new meaning to the words "filthy, nasty, stanky, disgusting, and annoying.
That Nathan is a stinch. He is undescribeale except for the word stinch.
by Turdmoe May 17, 2005
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