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A steg is well known Glaswegian slang for a person who is particularly well endowed. Usually arises after 5 a sides football, during banter in the showers. The ongoing assumption is that black football players tend to be "stegs". Origin is unknown, perhaps an alcohol-fueled pronunciation of stag.
Alright, fuckin steg ya mad cunt?! Christ you were wielding that shit like a chainsaw last night, almost took my eye out!
by Steasy February 08, 2012
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-To ditch or leave
-To initiate a chill sesh or party and bail for other plans
-Or simply to fuck someone over
"Yo that kid just got steged"
"Greg stop stegging"
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Portsmouth word (rare)- adj. steggy. Steg denotes a person of limited personal hygiene, specifically a pikey. Here we're talking Wayne Slob.
Did you see that steg? She was rank.
by Tom Dangerous July 16, 2003
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A huge dinosaur that inhabits the upstate New York region. This animal is characterized by awkward movement, strange twitching of the extremities, and an ususually large cranium; often seen moving his lips in an erratic manner for no apparent reasons and sweats in locations thought impossible to sweat from before his time. Has a tendency for the same gender
Guy 1:"Man, your such a steg"
Guy 2: "No I'm not, I actually have some rhythm and I like chicks, dude"
by D-rock June 04, 2004
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A hot girl who stay up on the 6th floo on the west side, kellum
Damn, there goes Steg, She's hot!
by Steg April 06, 2004
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