A town on the New Hampshire coast. Portsmouth has a large population of hippies and hipsters. There isn't a lot to do in the town, especially in the winter, so many adults go to one of the many local coffee shops or the Music Hall theatre. The kids usually either play sports, become alcoholics/potheads, or both. Most people in Portsmouth are rich or middle class, the exceptions populate the housing projects, such as Gosling Meadows. The high school consists of students from three different towns, Greenland, Rye, and Portsmouth. Nothing happens in Greenland, people from there do say nigger a lot though. Everyone from Rye is rich as fuck and believes that there a gangsta, when really there a spoiled white kid who has never been in a fight in there life. Most kids in the school are from Portsmouth and consist of skaters, jocks, lax bro's, stoners, and kids who no one knows. Everyone acts tough but the people who can actually do shit can be counted on one finger. In general, there are a lot of jocks, skaters, and stoners, and not much else. Also Liam Annis is hated by pretty much everyone in the school.
Steve: Wow, I'm so bored.
James: Wanna drink until we pass out?
Steve: Let's do it.
James: I love Portsmouth.
by ganja72 February 10, 2011
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City located in the South Eastern Virginia, world renown for its pungent odor. Due to its close proximity, the smell likely originated in Hampton and has taken root in Portsmouth.
Portsmouth city motto boasts,
"At least we dont live in Hampton."

Portsmouth residents have an average per capita income of $6000 a year, and most of that goes towards the purchase of crack cocaine.
Lucy: Where have you been, i haven't seen you in a week.
Pete: I moved to Portsmouth last week.
Lucy: Thats good, at least you dont live in Hampton.
Pete: Yeah, fuck Hampton.
by Brasco November 9, 2007
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Where perfection meets paradise, the harbour town of Portsmouth is born. A collection of rolling hills, real gentlemen, and a burger van combine to create this magical location.
Thou hath visit thy Portsmouth, thus shalt surely remain mushty
by Lewis12121 January 10, 2014
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Man 1:Whats all the brown stuff in Portsmouth?
Man 2: Shite
by sallyanna February 21, 2009
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A Korean hoe named Port who had a Russian penis and a Japanese penis in its mouth. She spit out the Russian penis, and continued sucking the Japanese's because it had predominant powers.
"That hoe is such a Portsmouth!"
by John Jacob Smith April 10, 2007
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A small townish city along the South coast of the UK. Major thingy, harbour or whatever you want to call it. Home of the Spinnaker Tower, which I would definitely recommend. Just a good place to be, good shops!! :):)

And one more thing, the best footie club in the world!!!!!! PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!! :)
Shall we got to Portsmouth to see the best ever footie team at Fratton Park?

Yeah, sure mate!
by smileyfootballfan December 10, 2010
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Paedophiles (Gary Glitter, case in point)
Orgasiming With Fish (IE: Skate)
Racists (No explaination needed
Thalidomide Victims (No one is born that fugly)
Skate (Look it up)
Mother Fuckers (In the most literal sense)
Obese (The south is sinking for a reason)
Ugly Twits
The Shitist Team
Homosexual (Far to homophobic, must be hiding something)
Harry Redknap loves Portsmouth
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