11 definitions by BTStraykids

A Felix is a great friend. A Felix will always bring a smile to your face when you see them. Their deep voice may not match their pretty faces but that won't matter as they'll be distracting you by doing Orange Justice, a Fortnite dance. A Felix will never fail to show their duality, as Felix can change his voice from super deep to super high in less than a second.
Felix is our best friend!
by BTStraykids October 18, 2019
Hyunjin is an attractive human being. Nobody can ever be as attractive as a Hyunjin. A Hyunjin will never fail to amaze you with his dance moves.
Hyunjin is hotter than you
by BTStraykids October 18, 2019
Plural; Stays - Another word to describe clown. This word is used to describe a large group of people who believes practically anything you tell them.
Wow, those Stays sure are clowns.
by BTStraykids January 9, 2020
Seungmin is an amazing singer. Seungmin is always happy.

Although Seungmin is the definition of "If a puppy were a person", he can turn salty if you annoy him. But this doesn't happen much unless you're Changbin!
Seungmin is a dandy boy.
by BTStraykids October 18, 2019
The smallest, cutest little bean you'll ever lay your eyes on. He may be taller than Changbin, but height is nothing!
Hey, that's Jeongin! You know, the dude who asked if there were chickens in America!
by BTStraykids January 9, 2020
Bang Chan is warm-hearted and has a deep voice. Bang Chan (or Chan for short) is a good leader and can keep control of everything. Chan is a great friend.
Hi, I'm Bang Chan, and I'm from Australia!
by BTStraykids October 18, 2019
This is the day to take your chance and slap as many fucktards as you want without getting in trouble.
It's February 14, and I'm single, so I'm gonna slap some bitches.
by BTStraykids February 10, 2020