1. 2 things beside one another
2. A lack of sex, 2 bodies close in proximity but no fun.
She and the hobo were contiguous on Monday at that date place with the candles.
by pseudo synapse April 17, 2009
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From the latin, con; meaning against, and the ancient spanish, tigue; (pronounced "gwe") which has unlimited and infinite meaning. In and of itself it cannot be labeled with a single meaning, but occasionally can be overheard from a distance in Spanish speakers' conversations. *Note* If you want to sound like a native Spanish speaker, throw in a "contigue" every now and then.
Person 1: "blah blah blah blah, um, blah blah, contigue."

Person 2: "si si, con-tiiigue!"
by anon 212 August 14, 2008
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A metastate in which every surface including discrete surfaces that is contiguous (continuous) is also mathematically closed (conformal).

Stipulates a bijective (co-imperative contingent (cotingent)) relationship between contiguity and conformalism.

Ie. Bijectivity stipulates conformalism as well as the converse.
Contiguity theory propounds a conversal (bidirectional in position (space)) stipulatory relationship between bijectivity and conformalism.

That is to say: bijectivity stipulates conformalism and conformalism stipulates bijectivity.
by sandrashine November 26, 2018
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A state in which an object with uncountable parts is at a right angle to a second object with uncountable parts.
Pan-contiguity implies the phenomenon of injecture.

In other words, pan-contiguity says that reality is an open system.

Pan-contiguity says that reality has an uncountable number of injectures; right angles created by the orientation of uncountable sets of two objects each with uncountable parts.
by fightfacilities November 19, 2020
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A theory of bijective conformalism (co-imperative contingency) that self-referentializes Einstein's theory of relativity and Godel's theory of incompleteness.
Contiguity theory unites incompleteness and relativity.
by tomorrowtomorrow January 3, 2019
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All of the connected United States. The lower 48. Excludes Alaska and Hawaii.
Free shipping to the contiguous United States.
by Nitron_F117 February 4, 2004
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Metastate in which shared surfaces are stipulated as enclosed.

Impossible to prove in terms of language (structural convergence).

Implies cohomorphism or internal duality (disymmetry).
Contiguity creates internally closed surfaces. This is called conformalism. Conformalism is built on structural symmetry (structural duality).

It is impossible to prove a bijective (contingent imperative) relationship between contiguity and conformalism using structural convergence (linguistics).
by tomorrowtomorrow November 12, 2018
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