1) A meteoroid that is visible from within the earth's atmosphere.

2) A girl, particularly of privileged background, who is hooked on drugs. Typically insecure and unstable, a shooting star tends to suffer from severe intimacy difficulties, being unable to lead a steady love life due to her addictions.

3) A song written and recorded by Elliott Smith that appears on his posthumous 2004 album "From a Basement on the Hill."
Elliott Smith probably had his heart broken by a shooting star at one point.
by Tiny Time Machine May 1, 2011
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A girl who has short and insincere relationships, moving quickly from one partner to the next, stringing people along and breaking each person's heart as she goes. After the Elliott Smith song, "Shooting Star."
Often, though, a shooting star can't help her behavior and, while she is largely unaware of its consequences, does it out of personal confusion rather than malice.
Person one: Man, I can't believe that Sara's going out with Jack already; she just broke up with Nick three weeks ago.

Person two: Yeah, soon Jack'll be moping over there in the corner as well; Sara's such a shooting star she'll be after some other poor bloke before too long.
by nontrepreneur January 19, 2009
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Slang word for a penis believed to have special, magical powers.
Siskel: "I just got booty called, bro."
Ebert: "Damn, that chick must think you have a shooting star."
by rorolele December 17, 2016
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When someone is done smoking a cigarette, they toss the still lit butt at you, thus the "shooting star" effect. The usual aim for this is to either burn a hole in your clothes or have it go down your shirt without you noticing. Usually, unless they're real bastards, they will shout "shooting star" to give you a warning about what they're about to do.
Johnathan gave me a shooting star yesterday, effectively burning a hole in my new trench coat. He's fucking going down.
by Janis March 28, 2005
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when you're jacking off in complete darkness, you finish the deed and the semen that shoots off illuminates in the dark, looking like a shooting star in the night sky
Damn, that shooting star hit my wall.
by wowser77 October 5, 2009
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burnt weed that falls to the floor when you blow it out the pipe.
Justine: (blows the pipe before cleaning it)
Rio: Dude can you pick up those shooting stars that fell on the floor?

Justine: sure babe, sorry !
by velvetierio August 30, 2019
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