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Acronym meaning: Culturally Unified Native Terrarian (CUNT). A gender, race and culture neutral term for the confused and easily offended Socialist pinko.
This acronym was designated by the Australian Government to assist white men in their endless quest to be more sensitive towards the rapidly growing number of moaning cockfags in the workplace.

The white man can now fearlessly engage in conversation with all weirdos without needing to waste time pretending to give a fuck about their beliefs with a simple ‘Hello CUNT’.
‘I can’t work out if they are a male or female’.
‘They are neither, they are just a CUNT’.

‘African gangs seem to be a problem in my area’.
‘Dude, show some respect. CUNTs enrich our society.’

‘Hello, I’m a man hating transgender, bi-sexual indigenous, Muslim, greens voting, arts student’.
‘Well hello CUNT. Where are your CUNT friends?’
by Zoltan Technician September 01, 2018

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A term used to describe someone who is getting a stiff deal. Generally this is in a work situation where the individual is being royally fucked for all to see.
‘This is fucked. Everyone else is sitting on their arses while I’m out here getting Starched’.

‘Where is the Carpenter?’
‘Bro, he is on the floor getting Starched’.

‘How is the divorce going?’
‘The lawyer Starched me.’
by Zoltan Technician October 18, 2018

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Like the Naval manoeuvre, a broadside is a cockblock executed by a Wingman in which they approach a target in a social setting, unleashing an arsenal while passing thus rendering the target dead in the water.
Wingman sent in to broadside guy doing well at a bar:
‘Hey mate, it was good to hear you beat that rape charge’.

Wingman sent in to broadside a couple leaving a bar:
‘Hey mate, how did your ex go with the abortion?’

Wingman sent in to broadside a guy close to closing the deal at a bar:
‘Hey mate, how is the hepatitis C going?’
by Zoltan Technician November 11, 2018

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Definitive article before a person’s name. Awarded to a hard working piss-wreck that can drink all night, work all day and back it up again for a minimum of four night/days.

Generally executed in a position of responsibility or where technical knowledge needs to be displayed while intoxicated.
Manager: ‘How the fuck is Dave alive let alone at work?’
Supervisor: ‘That is how The Dave rolls.’
Manager: ‘And managed to resolve that problem in the state he is in?’
Supervisor: ‘He did.’
Manager: ‘The Dave’.
by Zoltan Technician August 12, 2018

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A completely fictional unit of energy used by Electricians to confuse other trades, Managers and customers.
Generally used to mess with the minds of apprentices or a get out jail fee card on electrical projects when no cunt can work out the problem or fault.
‘Im having trouble getting the power back on because of the Zoltan effect’.

‘I can’t put a powerpoint there because of Zoltan factor’.

Electrician- ‘go grab the Zoltan meter for me’.
Apprentice- ‘which one is that?’
Electrician- ‘the one for testing Zoltans you idiot. Don’t come back without it.’
by Zoltan Technician November 30, 2017

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